Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Stewing in the tub with Victoria Plumb

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My time living in a shared East London flat has taught me two things... 

1- Nothing is sacred, that new bottle of shampoo you left out, will be used by the next six people who walk into the bathroom. 
2- The bathroom is going to be a cesspit no matter what!  

As I'm moving in with my beloved soon, we're looking around for different things for the home. We found Victoria Plum, a great bathroom fittings site with really great prices and stunning quality designs too! 
I thought I'd take the Victoria Plum bathroom quiz (here) to determine what kind of bathroom personality I have and to dream momentarily about one day having the kind of super cool rock star bathroom that Victoria Plumb do! My results were: QUIRKY COOL - like Nick and Jess from New Girl

Yeah sure, I'll take that anyday!

Verso Family Bathroom Bundle - £611 Yes Please!

I think they definitely have my style down, my dream bathroom would be original, cool and contemporary. I'm thinking clean designs and modern classic twists with some lovely colorful art books to read while in the tub, and prints on the walls with a few originals from moi! hehe to add some rainbow color and show off my hip nature. 

a bit of bathroom inspo!

My dream bathroom will even have an eco friendly water saving flush toilet - saving the world in style! I've become a lot more eco aware since I've gotten older too! And lots of skin kind beauty products from the Soothe-me Skincare range which are 100% organic and made near me in East London. 

Maybe I'll find a beautiful vintage style gold mirror or I'll mix and match some vintage floral patterns to add another little twist. 

Oh, I just can't wait 'till the day I get my own place... and most importantly... my own bathroom! 

Victoria Plumb are currently holding a sale too! Check it out! Perfect if you're after a bargain or are moving to a new place. Get on the Victoria Plumb social media too, to be the first to find out about great offers and new designs.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Monday, 17 February 2014

10 Charity shop shopping tips!

Literally, loving life! 

Charity Shop shopping – 10 easy tips :D

My all-time favourite way to shop is Charity shops, like just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get! People often ask me where my stuff is from and are amazed, so here’re my tips…
1. Look for brands like Marks and Spenser’s and Danni Mac as they’re always good quality and often make classic items which people just get bored of… hence why there’re in the charity shop for you!
2.      I often find good jeans from Topshop, Zara or Cheap Monday in towns like Brighton as I reckon there are more students who impulse by jeans on student loan day… that’s my theory anyway! Something about towns with students always lead to good jeans.
3. Massive oversized jumpers in strange knits always look cool and if you get bored of them, there’s so much you can turn them into with a needle and thread!
4. Don’t get pulled in by something being real leather! Whenever I but something leather that’s really beaten up and trashed I think I’m going to look all “All Saints Grunge”. I usually just get bored of it a few days after and take them back to another charity shop. A worn out old handbag is a worn out old handbag at the end of the day, leather or not.
5. If something’s bobbly, stained, or broken, it’s not meant to be.
6. Don’t pay over £20 unless it’s REALLY good!
7.Have fun with your clothes and try something weird or brightly patterned, remember, the money goes to charity so if you don’t like it, you did some good that day.
8.In more rural areas like Evesham, Worcester or Devon, I seem to find more old school high wasted jeans like Lee Jeans or Wrangler etc. Maybe it’s the farmers? I dunno… something to remember.
9.  I LOVE the look of boyfriend/ oversized coats and midi/ granny skirts and there are always coats like these in charity shops for much less than on ASOS or the high street.
10.Charity shops that look a bit gross, dirty or smelly are often a treasure trove because the people running them don’t know how good the clothes are! I find a clean well organised charity shop usually is more expensive and a bit boring (sorry!) 

I hope you find something a little helpful here! 

Friday, 14 February 2014

That time I was a Teacher.

So, this one time, I was like an actual teacher!

Yup! Me, at the front of the class, teaching English as a second language to adults mind, I don’t have a PGCE or anything just a TEFL certificate. The job was absolutely not for me! I love art and working the arts. My brother’s a teacher and loves it! I, did not… Still, here are some thoughts on the experience.

Teaching for me was, in real life, nothing like being in New Girl! However many flowery skirts and artistic lesson I made, people wanted grammar and a certificate as fast as possible. Still, no one gets 6 hours a day with me without doing a little art along the way, even if you are a moody 45 year old Colombian man with pre-intermediate English who "can't draw" I'll get the artist out of you one way or another! 

If I can stand in front of a classroom of adults and teach grammar that I neither know nor care about for a solid 6 hours without dyeing and then do a load of data entry and admin after… then I can do anything! And that, my friends, is CV gold!

I've met people from all over the world and they all seemed to like me! Must have just been Birmingham that had the problem then…

Like my boss once said to me “smoke and mirrors Annabel, smoke and mirrors” If you make it look as if you know what you’re doing, people think you actually know what you’re doing… and I had no idea what I was doing! A tip I will use throughout my life! ;)

Student socials... Love Yoshimi, she's so cute! 

Me? head of the classroom! What a joke!