On the dole in London - Part one

Expressionist crowd scene in snow

Picture by me :)

So... I really wanted to work in the arts (hahahahahahahaha dickhead) and thought that moving to London was the answer to that and in some ways it was and for others it works out, but for me... nar not really. Maybe if I still lived there it might have but anyway... 

So I was on the dole and claiming housing benefits, I sat for a day in my dank flat in Bow, emailing every "arts organisation" in East London, asking for voluntary work or otherwise. It paid off becuase i got an internship with A-side B-side in Hackney and voluntary class assistant work with Core Arts Hommerton

I got an intrview for an unpaid, full time, 3 month internship with this bigger gallery on the Kingsland Road, like a "big" one and thought this was my break! The interview went so well and in my niaveity, I thought I'd got the internship (I was shown around the whole place, introduced to everyone, spoke to everyone, the girl said I was "perfect" etc, and said it started on the Tuesday) 

So then, like a knob, I left the other internship and voluntary work and got kicked off the dole for basically "working too much" even though it was totally unpaid (which means I'd lose my housing benefit and not be able to pay rent £400 a month) ... que emaotial breakdown and a letter off my Dad to housing saying he'd give me £10 a week during the internship so I could still claim housing for the three months and all was well again.

Just that ummm... I hadn't actually got the internship, she just hadn't told me. I emailed to ask what time I should come in on the Tuesday and she said "we'll let you know if you are successful" hahaha... Oh wait... that's not funny.

Lesson 1: Don't assume you've got the amazing full time unpaid internship when you've not had that all important conformation email! 

Lesson 2: Writing nice emails, explaining the situation, can sometimes solve everything.

P.S. I was able to resume the internship and get other voluntary work with Core Arts after another emotional breakdown. 

Charity shop freak find of the week!

Yesterday I found a Gucci handbag in a charity shop in Hove Brighton for £5. Well, there was no price on it at fist - I asked the lady how much it was and she went off to "ask the manager" I was praying in y head "£5 £5 £5" and BOOM she said it was a fiver... yay! 

I want to go on Holiday again to Berlin or Germany or something, so... saying I sold it for like £200 then that's a holiday for a fiver!!!! 

Unless it's fake, in which case I'll keep it 'cause it's nice ;) 

Gucci snaffle bit bag

Gucci Snaffle Bit bag - does it pay to be poor?

Top - Copenhagen charity shop (Saint Tropez)
Wax Jeans - Lewes Charity Shop (Zara)

Stewing in the tub with Victoria Plumb

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My time living in a shared East London flat has taught me two things... 

1- Nothing is sacred, that new bottle of shampoo you left out, will be used by the next six people who walk into the bathroom. 
2- The bathroom is going to be a cesspit no matter what!  

As I'm moving in with my beloved soon, we're looking around for different things for the home. We found Victoria Plum, a great bathroom fittings site with really great prices and stunning quality designs too! 
I thought I'd take the Victoria Plum bathroom quiz (here) to determine what kind of bathroom personality I have and to dream momentarily about one day having the kind of super cool rock star bathroom that Victoria Plumb do! My results were: QUIRKY COOL - like Nick and Jess from New Girl

Yeah sure, I'll take that anyday!

Verso Family Bathroom Bundle - £611 Yes Please!

I think they definitely have my style down, my dream bathroom would be original, cool and contemporary. I'm thinking clean designs and modern classic twists with some lovely colorful art books to read while in the tub, and prints on the walls with a few originals from moi! hehe to add some rainbow color and show off my hip nature. 

a bit of bathroom inspo!

My dream bathroom will even have an eco friendly water saving flush toilet - saving the world in style! I've become a lot more eco aware since I've gotten older too! And lots of skin kind beauty products from the Soothe-me Skincare range which are 100% organic and made near me in East London. 

Maybe I'll find a beautiful vintage style gold mirror or I'll mix and match some vintage floral patterns to add another little twist. 

Oh, I just can't wait 'till the day I get my own place... and most importantly... my own bathroom! 

Victoria Plumb are currently holding a sale too! Check it out! Perfect if you're after a bargain or are moving to a new place. Get on the Victoria Plumb social media too, to be the first to find out about great offers and new designs.

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