Monday, 29 October 2012

Trite Brashness

Coat/Shirt - Primark
Jumper - Hypnotic
Skirt - COW

Had one of those days where you do tonnes of shit and nothing ever properly gets accomplished you know? Although, i did go to the National Portrait gallery that was ace, went by myself to so I got to look at things properly, i.e. stare at the paintings for really long periods of time. Got to see my mates though, so it was actually pretty good, think i'm just in a funk at the moment 'cause I want a "proper" job and can't get one and stuff, basically i've got no F'ing money! 


Le Material Girl said...

urgh, hate that feeling. However I like your jumper and coat!

Maria Fallon said...

Hope you are feeling a little happier now, I love going to art galleries and just being able to stare at the paintings!

Maria xxx

Sheri Matthews said...

You look bloody gorgeous in these pics! The jumper & coat are lush xx

Elspeth Daisy said...

I've lived in London almost 2 and a half years and still haven't made it to the National Portrait Gallery! Shame on me!

Love your coat.

Elspeth xx